Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, VA: 4: 12 Sep, 2009 (76 miles)

Ah! I finally completed what I had set out to do -- ride the entire Shenandoah National Park. I think you begin relating to the land when you hike or bike through it. The encounter with the wild life is especially heart warming. Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National ParkThe Swift Run Entrance to the Shenandoah National Park is about 100 miles from Arlington, VA. Take I66 West to Exit 43B. Take 29 South to Warrengton. Join 211 West until the signs guide you to the park entrance. At the park entrance head south about 40 miles and you come to the Highway 33. It was another great day, cool with temperatures that started in the 50s and stayed in the 60s throughout the day. I was out on the trail at around 9:00. Biking was easy this time around. I had a better feel for the ups and downs. I must have spotted anywhere between 25 to 50 deer and two very confused wild turkeys. The first colors of fall were showing and the feeling was exhilirating. The 9 hours on the bike passed by as the cool breeze.