Ballston, VA to Reagan National Airport, VA: 2: 16 Aug, 2009 (16 miles)

This is the same trail I took on 18 April, 2009. Now the trail along S. Glebe Rd. has changed dramatically. Earlier, you had to go along S. Glebe and criss-cross a few streets until you got to the overpass on I396. Now the Four-Mile run trail goes under S. Glebe and takes you through an underpass of I396, thus, bypassing Shirlington and joins you directly to the head of the W& OD trail. It is a relaxing 15 mile round trip starting from the northern end of N Glebe Rd. at Marymount Univ. to Rosslyn on the Custis Trail, south on Mt. Vernon trail, past Roosevelt island and the Reagan National airport and back on Four mile run to W&OD trail to Custis trail to Ballston.