Sligo Creek Trail, MD: 01 Aug, 2009 (41 miles)

I took the metro to West Hyattsville, where I was joined by a good friend of mine, Alex. The Sligo Creek trail passes by this Metro station. Its an asphalt trail. We took a leisurely ride along the trail which criss-crosses Sligo creek. I loved those bridges that have wooden planks across and make a peculiar thudding sound as the bike passes over them. There must have been about 20 of them. We turned around at Wheaton Regional Park and got back to West Hyattsville Metro. There I hopped into Alex's car and went for lunch at Silver Spring. (The bizarre jump you seein the trail is because of this car ride where the GPS was off. So the stats are not reliable.) After a nice chat and Thai noodles at Noodles Company we parted. I was going to take the Silver Spring metro then I changed my mind and took the Georgetown trail, hoping that I would bike home via the Capital Crescent trail that joins C&O canal trail. Alas! somewhere I got lost and eventually landed on the Rock Creek Park trail. It was beginning to drizzle and I was chugging away when I saw a fox. I could not believe my eyes. It was a fox in the Rock Creek Park! Before I could get to my senses and take out my iPhone and snap a picture he was gone. I think it was for the best. He deserves his privacy. It was an exciting moment that I will never forget. I rode the rest of the way home a happy man.