Prince William Forest National Park, VA: 18 Jul, 2009 (7 miles)

Prince William Forest National Park has about 21 miles of biking paths. Most might be inaccesible to road bikes, though. I biked the Scenic road, a part of which has a dedicated bike lane. Its nice and peaceful. The park rangers are very helpful and friendly. The day I went there it was one of those weekends when they have a promotion of a 'no-fee-weekend'. Ah! I saved $5.00. I did not encounter any wildlife, unless bikers can be counted as such. The Scenic road loop is about 7 miles. I went around it twice in opposite directions. There are some steep climbs and, of course, drops. That is why at one point my speed shows 30 mph. Exhilirating! I must say. The speed limit was 35 mph.