Ballston to MOM's Dunn Loring : 14 Jun, 2013 (9 miles)

Friday afternoon. I was engrossed in to listening to "The Informant". So had this irresistible urge to get out and walk. The temperature was mild. It was dry. I thought it would be good idea to head out to MOM's at Dunn Loring. At times I felt the sun bearing down on me. But I stuck to my plan, heading out West on Custis trail to W&OD trail until Gallows Rd. Then at the corner of Gallows and Lee Highway is MOMs. Got some fresh veggies and a 6 pack of peak organic beer and headed home. I was so hot that I was tempted to open a beer and waddle along. Afraid that I might get a WUI (walking under the influence :) I thought I better take the Metro back. Got home, had a shower and a chilled beer. Bliss!