Ballston, VA to East Potomac Park, DC: 12 Jul, 2009 (18 miles)

Take East Custis Trail from Marymount University, Arlington, VA22203 to Rosslyn. Cross the Key Bridge into Georgetown. Head East on M Street to the Rockcreek Park Trail just around the Four Seasons Hotel. Head South on the Rockcreek Park trail. Close to the Memorial Bridge the trail crosses the road, goes past the Jefferson Memorial and into East Potomac Park. There you might want bike on the road rather than the trail that hugs the edge of the peninsula because the low tree branchs that cover the trail make it impossible to bike. Road biking is fairly safe as the traffic is limited. Stop at stop signs, as the sign posts inform bicyclists. The road goes around the East Potomac Park. I took the Memorial Bridge back to Arlington Cemetery and got onto a nameless bike trail that took me to Rosslyn, past Iwo Jima Memorial and the Netherlands Carillon. Here I meandered through Rosslyn to get back to the Custis Trail at Key Bridge and headed back to Marymount University. It was a nice evening ride. Lots of people walking, wandering and resting along the Potomac.