Hiking round Harper's Ferry, June 9, 2012; 4 miles: 09 Jun, 2012 (4 miles)

Leila was leaving the next week on a long trip. I was itching to go to Harpers Ferry as it had been a long time since we had gone there. We drove up there on a Saturday morning, parked along the CNO canal and hiked up a portion of the Appalachian trail. I had been on this hiking path before with a good friend of mine, Alex. However, we had completely missed this portion of the trail where there is a beautiful look out from where you can see the confluence of the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers and the beautiful town of Harpers Ferry. It is a steep climb that tapers off and if you veer to the right it takes you to this ledge where a lot of folks sit and watch the rivers flow by. It is lovely out there. I would never tire of this place. We have to go there again in Fall. I bet it will be an amazing sight.