Hiking in India around a village by the sea, where my mother lives, May 6, 2012: 06 May, 2012 (5 miles)

This is a lovely village called Trasi on the coast of the Arabian Sea. I grew up there from my 6th grade onward until I graduated from college with a bachelors in science. A highway passes through this little village that goes along the coast of the Arabian sea until the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari. At the point where it passes through Trasi it passes a strip of land barely a few hundred feet across, that separates the sea from a river called Pancha Gangavali. This river joins the sea about 20 miles south of there, leaving this strip of land to be the most beautiful sight on Earth. If you stand there facing north you see the Arabian sea to your left, the river Pancha gangavali to your right and in the distant horizon at your right you see the mountains of the Western Ghats. When you stand there late in the evening as the sun is setting it is one of the most glorious sights I have ever seen. If you get that rare chance of seeing playful dolphins it is enchanting. I had got there in the early afternoon. My mother was happy to see me. I took a shower and got out with my gps and camera to see this splendid sight as the sun set. I took a lot of pictures. There were no dolphins this time, but just be there was simply amazing.