Hiking CNO Canal at Riley's Lock, April 15, 2012: 5 miles: 15 Apr, 2012 (4 miles)

This was an unexpected day that left me enchanted. I drove to Riley's lock early in the morning. As I stepped out of the car I saw my flock of black vultures and I knew this was my day. I love these vultures they are fearless. Once I had walked up close to one within 4 feet and he just sat there watching me. Today there were about 20-25 of them. I took perhaps 300-400 pictures. Call me crazy but I love watching them and could have stayed there for hours. But the craving to walk called me away. There were so many herons, turtles, geese and grebes that I was clicking away and barely managed to walk 5 miles. I had one of the greatest times of my life. :)