Hiking at Chain Bridge, Feb 19, 2012, 11 miles: 19 Feb, 2012 (11 miles)

After a double espresso and yoga I hit the trail around 7:30 a.m. The temperature was in the upper 30s. I headed out to Chain Bridge via N. Glebe Rd. As I was approaching Chain Bridge I saw this huge hawk land on a tree nearby. I pulled out my camera and ran toward it. In the process I scared a ground hog who must have been pottering around near his burrow. He took one look at me and vanished into his burrow. I took a lot of pictures of the hawk and as I was heading back the ground hog was out again. Then I crossed Chain Bridge, got on to the CNO canal trail south, crossed the Potomac at Key Bridge and headed home via Wilson Blvd. It was a good 11 mile hike. I got a lot a pictures of birds along the way.