Hiking to Lincoln Memorial 4 December, 2011 (11 miles): 04 Dec, 2011 (11 miles)

It was a slightly chilly morning. I got out around 8 a.m. for a walk, listening to Plato, yes, The Republic. East on the Custis trail, across the bridge on I66 to DC, down Rockcreek trail to Memorial bridge and back to Virginia and the Mt. Vernon trail, eventually leading home on Wilson Blvd. 11 miles and a great Sunday morning.The looping trails around I66 and Memorial bridge are the legitimate paths. Often I would jay walk across the street at Kennedy Center, but I found a path that goes around Kennedy center and has traffic lights. At Memorial Bridge you can walk down the steps under the bridge to the South side of the bridge so that you can easily get on the Mt. Vernon trail on the Virginia side, without having to jay walk across George Washington Pkwy.