Hiking Ballston, VA to Georgetown (Clockwise) 26 November, 2011 (10 miles): 26 Nov, 2011 (10 miles)

A modestly chilly morning. After a long time I was back on the hiking frenzy at 6 in the morning. Got up, donned my hiking boots and a teeny-tiny bottle of electrolytes and got on to N. Glebe Rd. Headed north, the sunrise was yellowish red changing the colors of the houses and tree tops to the same. It was nice to cross the Chain Bridge as the sun was still close to the horizon. Got on to the CNO canal south, toward Georgetown. I as listening to Isabelle Allende -- Island beneath the sea. I completed the book as I was approaching Georgetown. I switched to Lisa Scottoline, crossed the Key Bridge and headed home on Wilson Blvd. A nice 10 miler. I hiked again in the evening for 5 miles at Needwood Park with Sudeshna, but forgot switch on my GPS. :(