Hiking Ballston, VA to Lincoln Memorial, DC 20 November, 2011 (10 miles): 20 Nov, 2011 (9 miles)

I remember little about this hike, as I am trying to recollect the events of that day. It has been a while since I did this hike. I remember it to be a nice sunny day, crossing the Potomac at Key Bridge, taking M St. NW, to the Rockcreek trail and going to Lincoln Memorial. The Memorial Bridge and a bridge adjacent to it , both have two gold painted sculptures that were presented by 4 different Italian cities. I took pictures of one of them and sent it to an Italian friend of mine, Francesco. I think this one was from Florence. I crossed the Memorial Bridge back to the Virginia side and got back to the Mt. Vernon trail, past Roosevelt Island and back home, via Wilson Rd.