Hiking Ballston, VA to Arlington Cemetery 13 November, 2011 (13 miles): 13 Nov, 2011 (12 miles)

This was an unusual hike. We wanted to have breakfast out so we set out early to have breakfast in Clarendon. It was a bit chilly, but sunny. After breakfast we proceeded to DC crossing the Key Bridge to M St. to Pennsylvania Avenue to Memorial Bridge and Arlington Cemetery. I had been to the Arlington Cemetery about 15 years ago, but had never been there since we moved to DC. It was simply amazing. It is a lovely place. As I meandered through the paths that criss-cross the cemetery I was lost in the midst of the serene beauty of the little hills and the quietness of the resting souls. I had never seen this side of the Arlington Cemetery. The fall colors made it splendid. From the top of the hill you can see a nice panoramic view of DC. Next time I have to take my camera and capture the panorama.