Ballston, VA, to Memorial Bridge, DC, 23 October, 2010 (13 miles): 23 Oct, 2010 (13 miles)

A chilly morning. I was out the door at 7ish. Headed North on N. Glebe Rd. It is still hard to believe what I saw crossing the Glebe -- a fox! Yes, indeed a fox. It is these unusual sightings that make these long walks worth it. That fox made my day. I turned East on Woodstock Street, crossed Lee Hwy and got on to the Donaldson run trail that took me to Military Rd. I headed North on Military until the exit to N. Glebe. (This is a pleasant short cut that bypasses N. Glebe's westward deviation and sends you straight north to Chain Bridge.) I crossed Chain Bridge, got on to the CNO canal and headed south. At some point I shifted over to the Capital Crescent trail that parallels the CNO canal. At Georgetown I got on to the Rockcreek Park trail South, walked past the Watergate until Lincoln Memorial. There I headed into Virginia over the Memorial Bridge. A few trees had turned bright red. It was a splendid sight. By this time the temperature had risen to 70. I had to shed some clothing. I got on to the Mt. Vernon trail North. At Rosslyn I took Wilson Rd. and got home. A splendid hike and a lovely fox that crossed N. Glebe Rd!