Harper's Ferry to Shepherd University, Shepherdsville, WV 18 September, 2010 (24 miles): 18 Sep, 2010 (9 miles)

Another gorgeous day with temperatures in the upper 60s. We drove to Harper's Ferry at 7:30 a.m. Started our hike at 9ish. It was peaceful. We crossed the bridge into Shepherdsville. There was a football game going on in Shepherd University. We walked into town, had some cappucino and headed back. It was tiring since we had not hiked for 2 weeks. My gps ran out of juice at around 9 miles so I could not capture the entire trail. Sad. It was a 24 mile round trip. The evening light on the Canadian geese lounging on the rocks in the Potomac was splendid. Harper's Ferry is beautiful in the light of the setting sun.