Canoeing/Hiking at Seneca Creek State Park, 5 September, 2010 (7 miles): 05 Sep, 2010 (7 miles)

Our plan was to head out to Harper's Ferry at 5 a.m. Well that did not happen as we overslept. Then the next best thing was to go somewhere closer and we mapped the directions to Seneca Creek State park which is about 30 miles away. We parked at the Park Headquarters and walked in. We came across a booth where cars stopped and paid fees. So we went up there and found out that hikers could come in for free! Ah! we were delighted to have saved $6.00. We headed out to Clopper lake where a trail took you around the lake. We came to a boat house where they rented out canoes and kayaks. We rented a 2 person canoe and canoed around the lake for an hour. The inner circle is the canoeing trip. Then we hiked around the lake for about an hour and headed home. It was a gorgeous day and the park is great place to hang out in a group for a barbecue/picnic.