Point of Rocks, MD to Harper's Ferry, WV, 21 August, 2010 (26 miles): 21 Aug, 2010 (26 miles)

A gorgeous day, even though the temperature eventually hit the 90s. We set out at 6 ish and drove to Point of Rocks. I had my brand new Vibram 5 fingers on; a bad idea to not break them in before donning them on an anticipated 30 miler. At mile 6 my feet where aching. You can feel every muscle in your feet and legs that you never knew existed! Well I swapped them with my ever trusting Keenes that I had tugged along. We then tramped our way to Harper's Ferry, across the bridge into West Virginia. It was a gorgeous. We had a veggie burger and salad and headed back. With blisters to deal with we eventually made it back to Point of Rocks. Point of Rocks is beautiful place. Personally it bears a special meaning to me, as I had listened to Dante's -- Divine Comedy for the first time once when I hiked there. Lovely Point of Rocks!