Whites Ferry, MD to Point of Rocks, MD, 31 July, 2010 (30 miles): 31 Jul, 2010 (30 miles)

I left at 5:00 a.m. Fired up my Nuvi and asked her to guide me to Whites Ferry. She navigated me in Italian; which is what she speaks. I was at the trail head in about an hour. It was 65 degrees! Wonderful! Not a soul in sight except for a lone barn owl! He was huge. I whipped out my iPhone 4 and snapped a picture; or at least that is what I thought I did, until I saw the picture was of my shoe. Turns out that you have to hold the iPhone still for a few seconds and not move it soon after you hear the shutter click. Well, really doesn't matter, my first sighting of a barn owl in all its glory was breathtaking. I bore a smile on my face as I tramped along through Monocacy duct to Point of Rocks. Point of Rocks has special charm for some reason. The name itself gives me goosebumps of sorts, perhaps because of my past rock-climbing experience. I love this part of the trail as a hill side rises steeply a few hundred feet from the trail and in between is a rail track. This place reminds me of Dante, because I listened to the Divine Comedy on an earlier hike there.... It was a wonderful experience. 30 miles!