Ballston, Arlington, VA to Great Falls, MD: March 27, 2010 (30 miles): 27 Mar, 2010 (30 miles)

This is a bit crazy when we think of this now. We started out at around 8:00 a.m. thinking that we would slightly up our adventure of last week by 2 miles to get a round figure of 25 miles. A beautiful, cool day energised us to hike all the way to Great Falls, MD. We headed out North on N. Glebe Rd. until Chain Bridge. At parts it is tricky to walk along Glebe as there is no shoulder or a sidewalk. We somehow made it to Chain Bridge which was under repair. Luckily they let us walk with sufficient warning of the danger. We ventured across into DC, got on the CNO canal, headed north until Great Falls. It was simply wonderful, until the last few miles when our bodies were shutting down. It was a great adventure!